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This Mother’s Day – I’m going to offer these word of advice to all moms: There’s a movement out there urging moms to get in photos with kids.  Here’s one article about it: I know, as mom and designated family photographer, the tendency to show off the family vacation photos and have people ask […]

Thanks to All The Mothers That Got IN THE Pictures with their kids!

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It’s hard to imagine that another year has flown by.  Even my kids noticed and commented that the time is passing quickly; when I was a child, it seemed to take forever from one Christmas to the next one…maybe time is really speeding up? The passing of a year is yet another reminder that the […]

End of the Year Musings…


When my second child was born, 16 years ago, I needed to make a decision whether to return to my job as a marketing and public relations consultant or become a stay-at-home-mom.  As my maternity leave days counted down I met a group of moms that were pretty much the reason I felt comfortable enough […]

Senior Session at the Farm

High School Seniors

I always love it when a client calls from years ago calls me and wants to refresh their portrait wall with updated family pictures.  I remember every client and often wonder what becomes of them.  In this case it was three beautiful little children, the exact ages as my own, and I was eager to […]