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A bright color attracts the eye as your potential client scroll through a linkedIn Profile or Instagram header. It also adds color to your website…

Why You Shouldn’t be afraid of Bright Colors for Outdoor Headshots

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I’m so happy to be photographing my 2016 seniors – and feeling pretty relieved that this is my bump year – I just sent one kid off to college and have one year of perceived rest before my next one becomes a senior (I know it’s perceived because junior year is full of pressure too!) […]

Starting Off With My 2016 Seniors!

High School Seniors

When I put the call out there for someone to be my “guinea pig” for trying out an athlete portrait shoot, I was so happy Joann graciously volunteered, but a little nervous that I would do justice to her incredibly sculpted body. As I am often in the company of beautiful women who are serious […]

Athlete Photo Shoot


I often get questions or comments from parents who would love to have their child’s portrait session but are afraid because “they are at that age…” the age of stranger-anxiety or clingyness, or just not being such a “good listener.” I say forget all that. This session started out with a warning from the mom […]