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Women Branding Session at desk

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Professional brand photos are the key to creating a cohesive brand across platforms. Check out these tips to amplify your branding photos with purpose.

Tips to Amplify Your Branding Photos With Purpose.

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As an entrepreneur or a business owner, I’m sure you’ve been hearing this for a while now: You are the face of your brand, having photos or videos of yourself on your website, and in your marketing materials is invaluable to attracting your ideal client. Yes, I know it’s easy to say, but less easy […]

Camera-Shy? Preparing for Your Headshot


You may have heard the term “Personal Branding Session” while researching headshot photographers, or looking for some tips about to prepare for your headshots –  and it may have confused you – what IS the difference between a personal branding session and a headshot session anyway? We all understand that we are the face of […]

What is A Personal Branding Session?


It’s summer! The days are long, the nights are warm, the kids are relaxed – and maybe even the parents are feeling a bit more calm, without the school and after-school rush to multiple activities. It’s the perfect time to plan your holiday portraits! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But did you ever think about scheduling […]