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Spring has “sprung” in the DC area, but this spring is different than any of the past ones. It is the “Coronavirus spring” and instead of mobs of tourists photographing Cherry Blossoms and picknicking at the tidal basin, we are all hunckered down in our own homes, taking selfies and gardening in our back yards. […]

Socially Distancing While Photographing

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You may have heard the term “Personal Branding Session” while researching headshot photographers, or looking for some tips about to prepare for your headshots –  and it may have confused you – what IS the difference between a personal branding session and a headshot session anyway? We all understand that we are the face of […]

What is A Personal Branding Session?


It’s summer! The days are long, the nights are warm, the kids are relaxed – and maybe even the parents are feeling a bit more calm, without the school and after-school rush to multiple activities. It’s the perfect time to plan your holiday portraits! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But did you ever think about scheduling […]

Why Summer Is Perfect for Family Portraits


For portrait photographers, it’s hard to wrap up the year before the year is over. I was taking family portraits right up until the new year! But January is my time to breathe. To reflect and to plan for the next year. Every year I say I need to niche and to specialize in one […]