#TBT Portraits Then and Now…Reasons to Update Your Portraits:

September 26, 2014

POST: Senior Boys need grad pics too!

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Meet Melissa

I always love it when a client calls from years ago calls me and wants to refresh their portrait wall with updated family pictures.  I remember every client and often wonder what becomes of them.  In this case it was three beautiful little children, the exact ages as my own, and I was eager to see their more mature selves.  That’s what I love about portraiture.  Capturing a moment and preserving a memory for a family.


We ended up photographing almost across the street from the location of our long ago session, and I joked with the kids that I didn’t have to dangle any lollipops in front of them this time!  The mom commented on how the kids (do I still call them this?) remembered the session and pass the pictures on the wall every day.  While culling through the photos I decided to hunt out the old ones for some cute “then and now” comparisons.






The mom remembered this “walking away” shot from the first session and asked that we restage it.  As a mom of teenagers –  one almost out of the house, I see this picture in a different way.  Somehow it has more significance at this age, a little bittersweet but inspiring to see how they’ve grown up strong and on their way to self-sufficiency…



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