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Let me be clear. I am not writing a self-help blog. I am not a life coach, I don’t profess to be a superior athlete, a nutritionist, or doctor of any type. But I am a woman who has entered middle age and have learned a few things…. I have always been a procrastinator. I have always thought […]

Procrastination no more… (musings of middle age in the middle of the year)

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As I have a rare moment this Mother’s day morning to sit and peruse my facebook feed, I am happy to see so many posts about and pictures of friends with their mothers – and  I am startled to realize that it’s been 10 years that I haven’t had mine around me. I am startled not because […]

What I remember about Mom


  For 12 years, I’ve known that although I can do a quick run with friends early in the morning or maybe sit down and edit some photos or respond to emails, my day doesn’t really become my own until 9:15am when all kids are off to school. The daily routine of “the walk” begins […]

How Do I Break it To the Dog: A Goodbye to Elementary School….


In celebration of Fathers Day, I thought I’d post some cute photos of dads and kids I’ve photographed throughout the years.  Yay for Dads posing with their kids!  You both will treasure these some day…. And here’s some of my personal favorites (fathers that is): my own dad…. and my wonderful husband (and great Dad)… […]