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Tips to Amplify Your Branding Photos With Purpose.

March 22, 2024

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Professional brand photos are the key to creating a cohesive brand across platforms; including your website, social media, newsletter, even your business card. When you book a branding photo session you are creating a consistent look that reflects your business’s personality (and yes your business has a personality!) and your professionalism. I’ll never shoot a branding session for you without a purpose in mind. After all, what are great, professional photos if you don’t use them!

When we plan your branding session together we answer 4 important questions. These questions determine how you plan to use your images:

  • Is it to populate a new website?
  • To create consistent social media posts?
  • A new LinkedIn profile?
  • Do you have an upcoming product launch?

These are all important questions to answer in the planning stage. They will affect location, background, props, and even the lighting in the session. I love seeing shots from my sessions being used in fun ways and integrated into your specific branding.

Take, this client, who has a fun vibe – she has an active Instagram account and a podcast. We shot her images against a white backdrop and she then fully integrated them into her brand through Instagram posts and even her podcast profile picture (see below). Simple white backgrounds make it easy to drop the photos into Canva and match them to your branding colors. You can even have branded Canva templates created for social media where you just drop your images and change the copy. It’s amazing what you can do these days.

Or we can set up shots in a studio that will fit easily into your website. Two of these images in this website below were done in studio and replace those (horrible) stock photos that don’t reppresent you or your brand.

Here are 4 other ways to leverage your brand photos from your session to reach your audience:

1.) Use a photo with negative space on the side or above on your homepage. Fill in that space with text you need to make your point

2.) Hold up a placard or a clipboard and you can use in social media to announce a product launch or relay important information.

3.) No matter the location, we will always get a good professional headshot that can be cropped and used in a variety of ways. But then we will shoot a more styled profile that gives personality to your website.

4.) Images of you in your office, your favorite space, or with some significant props (even your family or your family pet) can provide an instant connection with your ideal client. So show your personality in your images and sprinkle it through your website!

I hope this gave you some ideas for ways to amplify your next brand photo shoot. But, you’re not on your own for this, I’m here to help. Together we determine your photo needs, and how the branding session will get you the best images so you can maximize your photo session and use those great images!

If you still have questions, take advantage of my free consultation call. Contact me HERE to set one up, no commitment or strings attached. We will discuss your business and your photo needs and I will advise you as to the best type of session!

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