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This Was Not Your Average Headshot Session

January 29, 2024

POST: Senior Boys need grad pics too!

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Meet Melissa

This was a first! I wasn’t quite sure what this contraption was when my recent branding client took it out of her bag and asked for some photos with her VR equipment.

The Metaverse? Really? I need to know more..

But my client, Karen Kerrigan is so much more than a “metaverse meanderer,” she is the president and CEO of The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council, the chair of the Fitness and Health Committee of the Vienna Business Association, and the founder of the Metaverse Business Alliance.

A person who wears so many “hats” needs a variety of images! We had a great time in downtown Vienna, starting with headshots, moving on to the “small business” branded shots, pulling out the gear for the Metaverse Alliance, and then Karen changed into her workout outfit to best represent her Fitness and Health Committee work!

Can you believe we got all this done in about two hours on fall afternoon? This is what a little planning and an experienced brand photographer can do.

When planning your next headshot session, take a little time and think whether you need more than a headshot. A full branding session will save you time and money in the long run when you get it all done at once! An easy way to get started is by contacting me here.

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