High School Seniors

Congratulations Class of 2014!

May 14, 2014

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Finally the sun has come out in Virginia and we’ve been catching up on some senior sessions as the flowers all seem to be peaking at the same time.  In the past few weekends I had the pleasure of photographing some great seniors including this one who defines vivacious and couldn’t seem to stop smiling and laughing (not that I’m complaining!)   And a young man who impressed me when we walked by a small piece of trash in the street and he did not think twice to pick it up and toss it in the nearest trashcan, and then a second later, threw a ball back to some tennis players when it had gone over the fence.  I wasn’t surprised to learn he was an Eagle Scout and that he was doing this photo session as a gift to his mother for Mothers Day.
I also got to photograph a smart and creative young lady who dressed up and posed in her more formal attire, but seemed to be most in her element when I photographed her down the by the stream bed behind her house.  That’s what I love about this job, photographing seniors where and how they’re comfortable and having fun at the same time!
I have great hopes for the future with these young adults entering the next phase of their lives and education and I wish all my seniors the best of luck!



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