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Behind The Scenes at a Senior Photo Shoot: A Ball field, Bleachers, and a Racoon (Senior Photography Session)

April 11, 2014

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of a senior photography session for a senior boy who I have known since preschool (in fact I remember pushing my stroller around the block and introducing myself as a new mom in the neighborhood and making friends with this family who became an integral part of our life, including holiday celebrations, school and PTA activities, cub scouts, emergency contacts, sports and dogsitting!)   We had a beautiful late afternoon for our session, wedged in between windy and cold days so we lucked out, and I had the added benefit of the dad bringing along his camera and shooting me shooting the son!  I enjoyed seeing the resulting photos and thought I’d share them to give an idea of what happens during these sessions.

First thing to know is that if you come along on the shoot, you will be used!  Mom and sister made great assistants, blocking the late afternoon bright sun, and all pitching in to temporarily move some lumber and other items that made for a less than perfect shot!

Second thing to know is, we have FUN! My goal is that we all are comfortable and make this something enjoyable and not to dread – especially for teenage boys who are doing this for their parents not really for themselves.  We even had an interesting racoon sighting, which hopefully wasn’t rabid, but he wasn’t scurrying away from us either (photos of that included here).

Since highschool baseball is a big part of Andrew’s life, we started over at the field.  Then a few in front of the Madison High School murals.



When I position people I often demonstrate the pose.  Sometimes I forget that guys aren’t quite as flexible as me…I may move you multiple times depending upon light and angle, but I don’t ask you to do anything I wouldn’t do!


Next, we went to another part of town where I continued to move my subject (and myself) around.  I never realized how much of a workout I was getting at these shoots until I saw the photos!


More movement, more instructions.  Andrew was a great sport, but I think he was about done by the end of the session.

And THEN, the raccoon wandered into our shoot.  Parents attempted to intimidate the critter, and were caught on camera.



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