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  For 12 years, I’ve known that although I can do a quick run with friends early in the morning or maybe sit down and edit some photos or respond to emails, my day doesn’t really become my own until 9:15am when all kids are off to school. The daily routine of “the walk” begins […]

How Do I Break it To the Dog: A Goodbye to Elementary School….

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It started with a kiss…the dad planted one on the mom and the kids hid their eyes.  Thus started a tradition in the annual family photo shoot. One thing I treasure about being a family photographer is the chance to watch a family grow up and share in annual traditions that include the family photos.  […]

Photographing and Growing Up With This Family: Family Portrait


When people ask me who the adorable little girl is on the back of my business card, I tell them that this little girl has not only been one of my favorite models throughout the years, she is an inspiration to me in overcoming adversity,  This is Shaylie’s story:   Eight years ago, I did a […]

The Story of One Amazing Girl (and my favorite photo subject) and her Family