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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Personal Branding Session

July 8, 2024

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Meet Melissa

Ever wonder how those polished, powerful personal branding photos come to life? It’s not just about pointing a camera and snapping a few pretty pictures! There’s a whole process behind the scenes, filled with planning, collaboration, and (of course) fun. Today, I am taking you on a journey through a recent personal branding session with Anne Whitt, the inspiring nutritional therapist behind

Building a Brand Story Through Images

Anne is a nutritional therapist who empowers her clients, especially busy moms, to develop healthy habits for themselves and their families. Anne came to me to strengthen her website and marketing with professional images that weren’t stuffy or looked like stock photography. Our goal was to capture her vibe and mission visually and create a library of content for her website, social media, blog posts, and emails.

Step 1: Unveiling the Brand Identity

As a first step, I worked with Anne to understand hand help her develop her brand story through a questionnaire and an in-person meeting. We wanted to showcase her relatability as a mom, her passion for fresh food and healthy living, and her approachable, comfortable style.

Step 2: Mood Board Magic

To get a clear vision for the shoot, I had Anne create a mood board that reflected the style, colors and feel of the images.Together, we prioritized the “must-have” shots, “nice-to-have” shots, and flexible options to allow for creative freedom during the session.

Step 3: Location Scouting and Day of Session

Location plays a big role in personal branding photography. Ahead of time, I mapped out the three main locations for the session and time of day. Because we wanted to get some shots at the local farmers market, I knew we needed to start early and shoot through midday. Although this isn’t an optimal time for photography, especially on a hot summers day, I knew we could work with it. We started at the colorful local farmers market, which perfectly reflected Anne’s love of fresh produce and locally grown food. When our planned second location at the community gardens wasn’t available, we pivoted seamlessly and used Anne’s beautiful backyard garden. Here, we utilized scrims and umbrellas to manage the midday sun.

Capturing the Essence

We then moved inside Anne’s kitchen for shots showcasing her expertise, like slicing vegetables and cooking. These images will be perfect for future content on cooking and meal prepping.

The final Touch: A “Day in the Life”

To further highlight Anne’s personality and relatability, we captured a glimpse into her everyday life – reading, attending to her dog, and taking a lunch break. These photos showed Anne’s warm spirit and her ability to connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Ready to Tell Your Brand Story?

Do you think your business could be helped with some on-brand images that showcase you and your business’s personality – but you feel overwhelmed by the process? That’s what I’m here for!

It’s simple – take the first step by contacting me HERE to discuss your vision and let’s create stunning content that reflects your unique brand.

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