Headshots Outdoors (in Winter?!)

February 11, 2021

POST: Senior Boys need grad pics too!

Post: lifestyle/branding for corporations

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Corporate Headshot Outside

I’ve been struggling lately, how to offer headshot sessions during the pandemic and winter. 

Back in spring, I offered many options for socially distanced photo sessions. I also did front porch headshots. I set up a studio backdrop and my lights on my covered front porch. I was able to take some really nice and professional headshots.

Then came the humidity of the summer. Happily the offices that I worked indoors with kept windows and doors open. I combined this with my long zoom lens and my “hands off” client coaching and positioning. Results: a safe distance and successful and healthy sessions.

Now we are back to winter and the pandemic continues.We are certainly weary of it all, but I sam till avoiding indoor studio sessions for the most part. Yes, it’s a struggle to have access to a very hygienic and open studio space – but I’m not advertising and offering my mini branding sessions or studio headshot sessions.

But… I recently had some outdoor headshot winter sessions that convinced me (and my clients) that winter doesn’t need to stop us from simple headshot sessions!

Melissa Maillett Photography Corporate Headshot

All the images in this blog were taken outdoors in winter and I believe they stand up to any corporate headshot in studio or in an office.

Yes, maybe we needed to wait a few minutes for the wind to stop blowing, and maybe I did need to crack a few jokes to keep the mood up after I asked a client to take their warm coat and mask off – but it only took a few minutes to capture these awesome and professional images.

“Just a few minutes?!” you may be asking, “how?”

Corporate Group Headshot Northern VA
  • As a professional headshot photographer in the DC, MD and Northern VA area, I have a good idea of where to take the shots.  If generic and corporate is what you are going for I know where we can jump out of the warm car, set up, and photograph. In a few minutes we will be done! 
  • If you want me to come to your office exterior, I will use my “photographer eye” to  make a quick judgement of angles and backgrounds.
  • As long as you come prepared (hair and makeup ready) I can make sure you are looking good. I will never just accept a shot where the wind is blowing your hair – there are ways to block the wind – or set up in a different area.
  • And I’m good at keeping you warm as long as possible so no red noses or watery eyes – even at the colder temperatures.
  • I will shoot quickly and efficiently, posing you so that we can capture your best angle – then we will laugh at how cold we are – and “bang” the session is done!

If you are interested in more information about outdoor headshots or want to book your session, please contact me today – and don’t worry about the weather!

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