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This is Denise…Promoting Balance in a Digital World

April 9, 2020

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Meet Melissa

Denise Cyber Sensible Melissa Maillett Photography

As we are all navigating through the Coronavirus Pandemic this spring, I find this introduction of my recent branding client to be timely. Denise is the founder of Cyber Sensible, that provides online safety and digital citizenship advice to organizations, families, parents, youth and schools.

As the mother of two sons that are very “cyber focused” and computer gamers, I understand the need to promote digital balance in the household. I really feel for families with kids, younger than mine, that grew up with a digital presence since toddlerhood- even keeping our oldest son away from computer games until high school (yes, he grew up on PBS only) he still discovered and locked into all things digital as soon as he could.

What I liked most about Cyber Sensible is the stress on balance. Denise is not out there to tell parents to turn off their kids’ electronics, but more how to manage it. The focus is on empowering her clients with the tools they need to embrace digital technologies in meaningful, creative, and positive ways. 

I’ve observed Denise speak to large school groups, work one-on-one with parents, and speak to smaller groups. She focuses her discussions on practical ways to both manage and capitalize on technology with internet safety tips, lessons in healthy tech habits, social media strategies and digital reputation management.

Denise DeRosa Personal Branding Session

Denise is one of my subscription branding session clients. This means that she has committed to four sessions within the year. Each session has been at a different location – a business office, at one of her school presentations, and we are anticipating some fun sessions at her home and outside in the next ones!

I love to get to know my clients through subscription branding sessions. When you become a branding subscription client I almost feel like I am part of your business! I learn what are important events to photograph, your favorite spaces, what inspires you, and your personal style: all of what makes up your own unique brand and helps you reach your ideal client. For those of you that anticipate events that would benefit from professional photos of you, plus a need to keep your website and social media/marketing timely, you may wish to consider purchasing a branding subscription. It’s really a great deal plus keeping your photos fresh and varied!  For more information, click HERE.

And if you are looking for a dynamic speaker for an upcoming school, workshop, or want personal one-to-one meetings and coaching, I highly recommend you reaching out to Denise at Cyber Sensible.

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