What Kind of Headshot Do I need?

October 20, 2019

POST: Senior Boys need grad pics too!

Post: lifestyle/branding for corporations

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three important reasons
you need a great headshot

  1. In the business world, compelling offers, great marketing techniques, and polished websites are invaluable to attract your ideal client.

However, what most people don’t realize is that the key to great marketing is what you don’t say – but what you show.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, running a small business or part of a large corporation, a great headshot is the best way to distinguish yourself from your market competitors.  There is a reason people say that a picture is worth a thousand words.   The purpose of the headshot is to convey to the customer a clear and concise message of who YOU are and what YOU are capable of.  A headshot tells your story through your picture. It’s actually a way to introduce yourself to your ideal customers before even physically meeting them! 

Our website, our marketing materials, our blogs, our social media posts — these are all part of telling your brand story. Everyone is different and every personality and way of doing business is different. This is a good thing. Certain customers will connect with you because they have something in common with you, or they are intrigued by your story. And these are the customers you want! So, it’s important in telling this story to keep it simple and be yourself.

There are many types of headshots: classic high key, environmental, dramatic and moody, and branded headshots, But don’t get hung up on the terminology or the details. That is what a professional photographer is for. When  a client comes to me requesting a headshot, we always have a conversation about the use of the shots, the brand message, the brand colors and the look you want to convey.

What’s important to remember is that there are three important reasons for your headshot:

 1. You want to look professional (even if you have a creative or “artsy” business, you want to have a polished and clean look to your shot), 

2.  You want to demonstrate that you are trustworthy (after all, potential clients will be taking a risk by venturing into a business transaction with you)  

3. You want to be approachable. As I said above, a current headshot is your way of meeting people before you meet them. Think of what you want to say about yourself. You can say a lot, with a styled session, or you can just have that shot that says “I can’t wait to meet and talk with you!”

You can portray that shot very simply – with a professional photographer.

Speaking of that simple shot, if you are a woman attending the Virginia Business Women’s conference on December 6, 2019, I will be there offering “mini headshor sessions” – with the help of Estee Lauder makeup experts who will be on hand to touch up your makeup for the shot.

I’m so excited to be the official photographer for this inspiring conference – and the opportunity to meet women and take these mini session shots. These will be quick, but professional – with onsite selection and a high res file sent to you after the conference. Just enough to say “Hi, I’m looking forward to working with you!” Space is limited, Click here for more details and to sign up for your spot!

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