My 2018 in Review

January 3, 2019

POST: Senior Boys need grad pics too!

Post: lifestyle/branding for corporations

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Meet Melissa

For portrait photographers, it’s hard to wrap up the year before the year is over. I was taking family portraits right up until the new year!

But January is my time to breathe. To reflect and to plan for the next year.

Every year I say I need to niche and to specialize in one genre. And every year, when I cull my portraits and make my year end video slideshow, I realize I would really miss my seniors if I did only headshots, or my families, or my kids and babies. But I also love going into businesses and having fun with a group of lawyers or accountants who need simple headshots for their website. Or that realtor or nutritionist that wants a branding session – or a branding subscription (my new for 2019 offering) to keep sharing updated and compelling images with their audience.

So I will continue to shoot what I love  – which is basically…portraits. In any name and genre.

Here are just some of my images from 2018 sessions

Melissa_Maillett_Photography_2018_1080p from Melissa Maillett on Vimeo.


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