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Congratulations Seniors, Class of 2017 – Senior Portrait Sessions

June 13, 2017

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Seniors Portrait SessionHow has this school year come to a close so quickly? This has been a particularly special year of shooting senior sessions, since I too have a graduating senior (who’s senior session is still to come!)

Some of the seniors I remember from playgroups and playgrounds; some from travel soccer or girl scouts. It’s sentimental for me, but I try not to show it because these guys and girls are all focused on the future. In their heads, they are not highschoolers any more, they are finally seeing their life plans come to actualization; I can see it in the way their eyes light up when they speak about the next phase of their life and their ability to move on.

When I photograph these seniors I try to depict that excitement – sometimes I like to photograph them in motion, because that is what they are doing – they are moving on forward…to their future.

I believe that is why we capture our teenagers at this crucial crossroads. We still have the ability to convince them to be part of this session and they have the strength, the maturity and the self-awareness to be a participant in the session. I will help them get a good shot, but I am always aware that they are adults now, they lead the session.

Yes, I sympathize with the parents – it’s hard to see them move on without us. Yes, I will be crying along with you when Pomp and Circumstance is playing and they are doing their walk down the aisle.  But I know it is time, and I look forward to hearing about their progress as they begin their new lives.

In this sentimental mood, I quickly cobbled together a “highlights reel” of some of my senior sessions from the class of 2017. Enjoy, and thank you to all who allowed me to take part in this special session.

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