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Another High School Senior Portrait: A Senior I have watched grow up…

September 6, 2016

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I always enjoy sharing pictures of high school seniors that I have photographed throughout the years and now am doing their high school senior portrait. Thanks to Kyle’s mom who scanned in these toddler pictures of him (yes, this was BEFORE I went digital!) I can compare this pensive toddler with the big blue eyes and precious dimple with the handsome young adult (who still has those eyes and that dimple!)


Kyle’s mom and I met in a playgroup and exercised with Jan Crerie of BodyGrace Fitness  while our kids played together in the nursery.  We lived in separate towns and our children did not grow up as friends but we get together to discuss our parallel lives and anguish about the time passing so quickly as they grow up and leave the next.

I’ve loved hearing about Kyle and all his accomplishments as he has grown, from swimming and diving to being an accomplished violinist. I had the added bonus of listening to Kyle perform live on the Vienna Town Green as I photographed him with his instrument.


Good luck with all you do Kyle. And good luck to his mom in watching him move on to greater experiences!


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