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Senior Girls Rule! Senior Portrait Sessions Continue Despite the Rain

May 19, 2016

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I don’t know what it is, but my senior girls have been toughing out the weather this rainy season.  Despite rain for almost one month straight, we’ve managed to get in most of our senior portrait sessions.


An added bonus to  all this wetness is that it makes for some nicely saturated greenery in the parks and gardens.  If you can catch it when the sun is out (especially in the “golden hour” right before sunset) the grass, leaves, and flowers practically glow with dewiness.  This is such a wonderful time of year to photograph outside. The newness and freshness of the flowers and trees literally shine (as do my soon to be graduating high school seniors).


So, please don’t be afraid of the weather! There’s still time to schedule a senior portrait session – remember, it’s your last chance to urge those high school seniors to have a portrait session before they go off into the big world of college and whatever else lies in store for them.


As the parent of college freshman, I can attest to the fact that they do come home from college vaguely different in a way that may not easy to describe. Each stage in life is important and has value to be captured in photos, but there’s just something about the anticipation of the graduating high schooler….don’t miss out on your opportunity. Contact me at info@melissamaillett.com or 703-850-7212 to schedule your portrait session.


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