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When I first started out with portrait photography I didn’t need to look far for some of my first models. Luckily I had two adorable little girls living just around the corner and a family who appreciated having a photographer in the neighborhood. This is still one of my favorite photos and I’ve promised them […]

Another Special Senior…And Client From Long Ago

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I often get questions or comments from parents who would love to have their child’s portrait session but are afraid because “they are at that age…” the age of stranger-anxiety or clingyness, or just not being such a “good listener.” I say forget all that. This session started out with a warning from the mom […]

Is There a Bad Age for Portraits?


This Mother’s Day – I’m going to offer these word of advice to all moms: There’s a movement out there urging moms to get in photos with kids.  Here’s one article about it: I know, as mom and designated family photographer, the tendency to show off the family vacation photos and have people ask […]

Thanks to All The Mothers That Got IN THE Pictures with their kids!


I found some willing victims last week for snow portraits…actually they found me. I even offered to reschedule because our session was scheduled for the coldest day of winter so far.  But some members had traveled from out of town so they had limited time to be together as a family.  And I’m happy that […]